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The Fifth Marauder Chapter 18
"Lily was the only one who had confirmation on our relationship at the time. But that didn't mean that the boys had their suspicions."
It was about a week after Lily had gone back home and James was kicking yet another gnome out of the garden when he asked, "Be honest with me, _____. Who's your new lover?"
You dropped the pile of bricks you were getting ready to place as the planter for the flowers onto your foot and swore loudly before hobbling over to a nearby chair as you took off your shoe and sock and found that your foot was already swelling slightly and slowly turning black and blue. It was only when Remus handed you a bag filled with ice that you remembered your friend's question and said, "Jealous, James? I thought you only had your sights set on one Miss Lily Evans."
"Don't you try to get out of this one, _____. I've seen you trying to hide those letters from us. Now come on, who is it?" he pressed on, to which you said, "They're from my cousin over in Germany, James. He'
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A Second Chance Bonus Chapter
Please read the description before continuing onward. Thank you.
Closing the door behind you once the rest of the officers had left, you turned your gaze to Erwin and said, "Tell me everything."
He turned his gaze over to you with an eyebrow raised, wanting you to clarify the topic that you want to know everything about, to which you took off the locket and tossed it to him saying, "About my parents. You knew them better than (B/N) or I ever did."
He caught the piece of jewelry, and, after receiving your permission, opened the locket to reveal two pieces of paper on top of the pictures of your family. He quickly unfolded and read off the two lists of names, his eyes widening slightly at finding his own to be right after Levi, your brother, and his family. Those blue orbs scanned the second list once again, seeing the names of the dead. Erwin folded them up and placed them back into the locket before handing it back to you as you sat down across from him. Once you placed the locket arou
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The Fifth Marauder Chapter 17
Harry merely stared at you with his mouth dropped, to which you smiled lightly as you said, "Severus wasn't always on guard around me, believe it or not. Then again, he managed to get me back countless times, so we were always on even ground."
He shook his head as a smile appeared on his face and said, "I just expected that you would have hit Sirius or Dad before anyone else."
"Trust me, both of them had their fair share as well. There are just too many times to tell you," you chuckled out as you said, "So how're Ginny and little James? You haven't said so much as a word about them since you got here."
"They're doing fine," he said, but one look at you raisiing an eyebrow at him had Harry spilling out what he had been trying to keep a tight lid on, "It's been hell. I knew it was going to be hard, but I wasn't expecting this. It makes me wonder how you raised (D/N) over the years."
You smiled softly as you said, "All parents act like we know what we're doing, but in reality we're all ju
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The Fifth Marauder Chapter 16
For a good two months, you couldn't look him in the eye. And it didn't take long for the rest of the school, your friends included, to find out why.
Not only had the two of you pretty much ceased any form of contact with each other other than a terse hello and goodbye, but for the first month, Lily had to drag your sorry arse out of bed. James had to bench you during half of your Quidditch practices because you couldn't get yourself to focus. Severus and Remus had to keep you from skipping class on more than one occasion. You didn't go on any Marauders escapades, either.
It didn't help that it divided up your friends.
James and Peter took Sirius' side from the get go, and Lily immediately backed you up. Remus has tried to remain neutral throughout it all, and Severus simply supported you from the sideline as usual.
You were sick of it.
And so you figured that you would finally act like the grown woman you were raised to be.
You walked towards the young Black as he was surrounded by
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The Fifth Marauder Chapter 15
You looked over your time table as you began eating your breakfast the following morning before hearing someone plop down next to you. Smiling lightly, you turned to see Sirius as he gave you a wolf grin before comparing the two and saying, "Merlin's beard, how do you keep up with all of these classes, Claws?"
"I purposely schedule time to do my work and study. You should try it some time, Sirius."
"Don't you want to have any fun this year?"
"I've had the same number of classes since third year, and I have friends just as studious as I am that are more than willing to help. How else do you think you and James have passed your exams and OWLs over the years?"
He shook his head before asking if you were going out for Quidditch this year, to which you replied, "With James being captain, I don't think I've got much of a choice in the matter."
He laughed as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and kissed your head while everyone else made their way into the Great Hall after they picke
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Four Years by SorasGirl0123 Four Years :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 0 0
The Fifth Marauder Chapter 14
"Come on, Sirius. Mum wanted us back by sunset to officially celebrate you moving in!" James yelled out as he slid down the ladder of the tree house once he thought that everyone had finished up for the day. Peter nearly fell out of the tree in his rush to follow after him, and Remus helped the poor Pettigrew up once he landed on the ground. They followed after James, and Sirius was about to join them before spotting you still painting James' stag form onto the wall. The young Black tilted his head before saying, "I'd say you're being too generous with his head size. Merlin knows it's bigger than that."
You flicked your gaze over to him for a second before beginning to gather up your supplies and saying, "You didn't have to wait for me, you know. You're the reason there's a party going on to begin with."
He smirked before walking over and saying, "Come on, Claws. I can't have you sneaking your way into your house while everybody else is having fun."
"You know I'm not very good when
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Happy Birthday, DeviantART!!! by SorasGirl0123 Happy Birthday, DeviantART!!! :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 1 0
The Fifth Marauder Chapter 13
Harry had sent a letter to Ginny the next morning stating that he would be staying with you for a couple of days since he had been practically forced to take a couple of weeks off of work. After your owl had taken off, you saw the melancholy in his eyes as you said, "Old Marge seems quite taken with you. You're the only one besides me that never has trouble with her."
"She reminds me of Hedwig," he said as he kept his gaze towards the sky, watching the old bird fly away. Chuckling lightly, you finished the dishes before making your way to the door as your godson followed after you. As you both took a stroll around the grounds of your childhood home, you said, "I waited until we were on the train back to King's Cross to make my decision. Unfortunately, I couldn't find Severus, and I couldn't risk James or Sirius following after me on the journey. So I was incredibly lucky to find that my parents and Sev's mum had met while waiting for us."
As soon as you and Severus faced each other
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The Fifth Marauder Chapter 12
You went straight to your dorm, thinking that your red headed friend was bound to be there by now. Only thing is that when you arrived, she wasn't there. Cursing under your breath, you turned your gaze over to James and said, "Please tell me that that bloody map of yours actually works."
He handed it to you after nodding, to which you muttered out, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," before opening the map and scanning for the name Lily Evans. Finding her name in a long forgotten classroom, you handed the map to Remus after saying "Mischief managed" and practically ran to the poor girl, leaving the boys far behind you as you yelled out your thanks.
Once you finally made it to the right room, you opened the door and took in the sight of your dear friend sitting on one of the old desks, tears streaming down her face as she turned to face you. Slowly walking towards her, you said, "I'm so sorry, Lily."
"W-what do you have to be so sorry about, _-_____? You're not the one that
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Cutie Disney Characters: Daisy Duck by SorasGirl0123 Cutie Disney Characters: Daisy Duck :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 5 0 Cutie Disney Characters: Donald Duck by SorasGirl0123 Cutie Disney Characters: Donald Duck :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 3 0 Cutie Disney Characters: Minnie Mouse by SorasGirl0123 Cutie Disney Characters: Minnie Mouse :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 3 0 Cutie Disney Characters: Mickey Mouse by SorasGirl0123 Cutie Disney Characters: Mickey Mouse :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 4 0 Cutie Disney Characters: Pluto by SorasGirl0123 Cutie Disney Characters: Pluto :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 6 0
The Fifth Marauder Chapter 11
"Your father wasn't the only one that could make me madder than a hatter, although I do admit that I had it coming to me. Mentioning Regulus or any of his family was always a low blow for Sirius," you said as you stared out the window, not wanting to see Harry's reaction to what you had told him. While you knew that you were only human, and a naive teenager at the time that you had said those things, it didn't make you feel any less guilty any time that your thoughts returned to that day. The look of utter shock on Peter's face, James gaping like a fish out of water, Remus's eyes revealing the overwhelming sadness he felt, and the pure hurt and anger from Sirius was one of the worst images from your memory.
You had only turned upon feeling a hand on your shoulder, seeing the green eyes of your godson as he looked you in the eye. All of his emotions were plain as day in those eyes, and you found yourself smiling sadly before continuing your tale.
It took a couple of hours of you wal
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Random Favourites

Yu-Gi-Oh -Duelists and Friends by Mey-chian Yu-Gi-Oh -Duelists and Friends :iconmey-chian:Mey-chian 251 17 Yu-Gi-Oh 10th Anniversary by SakuraSadameWingz Yu-Gi-Oh 10th Anniversary :iconsakurasadamewingz:SakuraSadameWingz 170 30 Yu-Gi-Oh 10th Aniversary by drekeNone1 Yu-Gi-Oh 10th Aniversary :icondrekenone1:drekeNone1 261 47 Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Yusei Fudo by Yaoumi-ji Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Yusei Fudo :iconyaoumi-ji:Yaoumi-ji 949 91 Yu-Gi-Oh Generations by TashaPhoenix Yu-Gi-Oh Generations :icontashaphoenix:TashaPhoenix 641 286 Yu-Gi-Oh - Main Protagonists Wallpaper V1 by KaitouYahiko Yu-Gi-Oh - Main Protagonists Wallpaper V1 :iconkaitouyahiko:KaitouYahiko 824 189
Red X Reader - Winter in Kanto
It was winter in Kanto. So you were happy that Red would come down from Mt. Silver. Even though he said that the winter down here was hot. You thought he was crazy for thinking that but when someone was used to below freezing it was normal to think that.
You threw a snowball at Red. It hit him on his back. He looked back and gave you a smile like you were going to get it. You smiled. "Oh, yeah? What are you going to do about it?"
Red ran at you and you ran away. He caught you and he wrapped his arms around you and you giggled. "Fine you caught me. Happy?" Red nodded and kissed your neck.
The two of you fell down and rolled around. You laughed and Red smiled. You got off of him and laid back on your stomach next to him. He whipped some snow off of the top of your nose.  He gave you a look asking what he was going to do with you.
You giggled. "I don't know what are you going to do with me?" You kissed him lightly on his lips. His eyes widened.
He grabbed your waist and put hims
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 374 92
Time to Duel by Xelhestiel Time to Duel :iconxelhestiel:Xelhestiel 33 1 Yu Gi Oh!: waiting by chibinis-chan Yu Gi Oh!: waiting :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 233 73 YGO: Past and Future by Yuugi-Mutou YGO: Past and Future :iconyuugi-mutou:Yuugi-Mutou 40 11 YGO : Millenium Cast by darkLuciferZ YGO : Millenium Cast :icondarkluciferz:darkLuciferZ 14 2 Transcending Time by wisecraxx Transcending Time :iconwisecraxx:wisecraxx 41 13 AnimagiC 2012 JackXYusei by Shade-SilverWing AnimagiC 2012 JackXYusei :iconshade-silverwing:Shade-SilverWing 26 1 The 'Yu-Gi-Oh' Pose by DuelingBallerina The 'Yu-Gi-Oh' Pose :iconduelingballerina:DuelingBallerina 9 2
Batman x Reader Oneshot
"Bruce?" _________ called softly. She walked up the steps to their bedroom to find him sleeping face down shirtless. She smiled and shook her head. Between being the leader of Wayne Enterprises, the hero Gotham deserves, and a normal man, his life was exhausting. She put a tentative hand between his shoulderblades, her hand rising and falling with his light, even breaths. She lie down beside him, knowing what he'd been through. 
The fight had been brutal, and not ended favorably. She'd been there to bandage his knife wounds herself. The Joker was a damn cruel man, and his doting Harley Quinn was just as psychotic. They'd almost killed her Bruce; that knife had been dangerously close to his heart.  
The white bandages were still slightly pink around the wound, but they were stopping the bleeding for the most part. He opened his eyes and gave her a small rare smile. He pulled her close, his warm breath whispering across her face. He drifted back into the dark realm of slee
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 350 36
Avengers x Reader-White
You sat patiently as the others stood outside and decided your partner. It was somewhat peaceful, to be honest. You hadn't had much time to think freely lately, so getting to was a nice change of pace.
However, all things tend to come crashing down. You jumped slightly as the door knob jostled across the room.
What? You were in your own world for a while there. Who wouldn't jump?
Contemplations of these thoughts were interrupted as you took in the person before you -red face and all.
"Hey Steve." You smiled. "That's a good color for you."
"I'd like if you'd not tease me right now, [Name]." Steve sighed, rubbing his neck.
"Oh come on. It's just ME, Steve. I don't bite…..well, at least not much." You grinned.
"You're spending too much time with Tony." Steve deadpanned, blush gone.
"That I am, Cap. That I am." You chuckled.
"Well, so long as you know…" The super soldier shook his head as he sat next to you.
"Tony will be Tony. There's not much we can do to change him or his corr
:iconacting-luver:Acting-luver 92 16


Journal History

Hey, everybody. I know that it's been awhile, and I apologize for that. With graduation in a couple of weeks and my first job, I've been really busy, and the only times that I can write, I end up falling asleep. But once this month is over, I will have more time to write, and so here's the plan.

1. I will continue writing The Fifth Marauder, and, if possible, finish it by the end of August.
2. I will be taking requests once again starting June 5, 2017.
3. Once The Fifth Marauder is finished, I will begin uploading another multi chapter that I have come up with. As that time approaches, I will reveal more information on it.

I've also been debating whether or not to do a monthly journal entry in which I select a quote from some form of media and then explain why I find this quote to be important/picked it. I would also like all of your opinions on the quote and would like to read any that you have in mind as well. I will only do this if you are interested in this or something like it though, so please let me know if this is something that you would like me to do and would like to participate in as well. I really want to get to know all of you at least a little bit and have you get to know each other more since you have essentially been my reason to not give up on my writing.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll see you all soon.



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