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_____= your name                  ------= your friend's name

You were hanging out with Yugi and the others, seeing as you promised that you would today. You were in between Yugi and Ryou while you three and everybody else were watching Marik and Joey play Duel Monsters. As usual, Marik had won, and he gave you a smirk and said, "Why not try yourself, ____? You look like you've been wanting to duel me again for awhile."

You rolled your eyes and said, "Just name your terms already, Ishtar." You sat in the chair while Joey took your spot. You took out your deck and shuffled, Marik doing the same. He chuckled before he said his terms, "Loser has to go into a closet with a person that the winner chooses."

"Fine with me. Now let's duel," you said while setting your deck down, Marik doing the same before taking his turn, starting off the duel.


Both you and Marik had only 50 Life Points left, but you used your last strategy and ended the game in victory, high fiving Joey and Tristan before looking at Marik and nodding over to your friend, who has liked him for some time. He nodded before taking her hand and leading her to the closet before you shut and locked it, saying, "Seven minutes, Marik. Enjoy."

You walked over to Joey and Tristan, who were laughing their heads off, while Tea was shaking her head at you, but you said, "You know how she talks nonstop about him, Tea."

"No wonder Joey and Tristan always want you over. You're just like them," she said.

"Except for I.Q. levels, that is," you mumbled, but Ryou heard it and smiled. You smiled back before Joey and Tristan caught onto what you said, one grabbbing your arms while the other your legs and started carrying you out near the water. You rolled your eyes and said, "So what if I get wet? The worst I can get is a cold."

"Oh, we're not throwing you into the water, ____. We're gonna have everybody's help on this," Tristan said while the others except Ryou (your friend and Marik were still in the closet) held you down and you widened your eyes slightly before you said, "You wouldn't."

"Oh yes we would," Joey said before starting to tickle you all over, Tristan following after him.

You couldn't help the giggles and after about 20 minutes, you gasped out, "You . . . Win . . . Please . . . Stop . . ."

"Did I just hear ____ say please," Joey asked while he and Tristan stopped. You rolled your eyes and managed to stand after the others let you go. You started walking back to the Game Shop when you checked your watch and said, "Crap, Marik and ------ are still in the closet!"

You ran back to the Game Shop and unlocked the door to see that they had fallen asleep, your friend in Marik's arms and her head on his chest. You smiled and whispered, "I knew you two would get together" before quietly and gently shaking them awake. Marik woke up first and smiled down at your friend before gently waking her up, too. You walked out and about a minute afterward, they came out, too. You saw that they were holding hands and sighed happily at them, your girliness starting to show. Yugi smiled and nudged you before very slightly nodding toward Ryou, making you blush a bright red. Yugi was the only one you told that you liked Ryou, but you were never good with talking to guys that you really really liked. Yugi held you a little back away from everybody else and said, "If you don't tell Ryou how you feel, you'll never know if he likes you back."

"You know how bad I am at talking to him. I'm like a completely different person," you said while looking over at Ryou, wanting more than anything to be able to talk to him without feeling like an idiot.

Yugi smiled and said, "I have a feeling that he likes you back, ____. Just talk to him."


Thinking back to that day that you had finally had a good conversation with Ryou. You found out that you had alot in common, and as time went on, you became really close. You trusted him as much as you trusted Yugi, and everyone else noticed that Ryou would always talk more whenever you were around, or even mentioned in a conversation. It's been about half a year since then and you smiled as those feelings you had towards him only grew stronger. You looked over to Yugi, who was smiling as you were walking along with him, everybody else walking in front of you two.

"So, have you told him yet," Yugi asked while looking over to Ryou.

"No, I'll tell him soon enough, though. Don't worry, Yugi. This time isn't an excuse," you said while blushing a bright red.

You had all arrived at your house and you unlocked the door before entering, everybody else following you in. You smiled as Ryou came with you to help out with snacks and beverages. He smiled back while saying, "It sure is nice to be able to do something normal for once."

"Yeah, especially after everything you guys have been through. I can't even imagine what that's like," you said while taking the snacks out of the pantry, Ryou taking the drinks out of the fridge.

He smiled and said, "It was very difficult, but we pulled through. Yugi's probably told you that, though."

You nodded and said, "Yugi and I have been friends for years. I've seen and heard some pretty hard and scary stuff from that time, but I understand that he doesn't want to talk about it. Especially after what happened to Yami. They were like brothers, after all."

Ryou nodded and said, "Funny how destiny and life itself treats you. One moment everything is perfectly fine and the next, you're sad or angry at something or someone."

You placed a hand on his cheek and said, "But what matters is that you can pick yourself back up and live freely again."

"Exactly, b-but how did y-you know I was going to say t-that," Ryou stuttered out while turning a bright red. You smiled and gently gave him a kiss, and after a few seconds, he responded back to it while you smiled again, gently wrapping your arms around his neck. Ryou's hands had gone to your face to make the kiss deeper, his blush heat radiating off of his face. You gently broke the kiss and said, "I know because I love you."

"I-I love you, too," he whispered and that's when you heard the clapping and giggling. You both turned to see your friend and Marik in the kitchen doorway, everybody else right behind them. Ryou turned an even darker red if that was possible, and you yourself turned very red, but smiling as you saw Yugi give you a thumbs up. He buried his head into your shoulder while you smiled as everybody else started heading back to the living room, taking the snacks and drinks with them. Ryou slowly came out and you took his hand before heading out with everyone else, where you two were inseperable the entire time.
Request from ~samcatthorne. Thanks for the request and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it because let's face it: Ryou's just so too darn cute.

You own yourself and everything else is owned by Kazuki Takahashi.
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I wish the same but I couldn't think of anything at the time.
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