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______ = your name    ---------- = your Item's spirit's name

You were walking around with Bakura since Yami wanted you to keep an eye on him since both had managed to get their own bodies. Ryou didn't want to see the evil spirit more than he had to, and you were the only one that Bakura hadn't tried anything to, so Yami thought that out of everyone, he seemed to actually like you. You were pulled out of your thoughts when Bakura had said, "Why is it that you listen to the Pharaoh? You of all people know what his father did to my village in Egypt."

"And you should know that since I trust Yugi, I trust him, too. Everybody else does," you said, trying your best not to scowl at him, especially since you've been able to put up with him this long. You prided yourself on being able to put up with him because alot of people couldn't, including Yami who could only put up with him for short periods of time. You continued walking with him for about an hour before thinking, 'Ryou, you better be home already. Honest to Ra be home.'

You walked the evil spirit home and mentally sighed in relief when you saw that Ryou was indeed there. You and Ryou chatted while Bakura just walked in and laid on the couch, smirking at you for Ra knows what reasons. You said your goodbyes to Ryou before heading home, glad that you kept your Millenium Scale there, especially since Bakura had tried to harm you the one time you brought it with you.

When you got home, you took a look at the Millenium Scale, the spirit of your Item checking to see if there's anything to fix, and said, "Why is it that I'm the one who babysits the madman?"

The spirit of your Item, ---------,  said, "I don't know, but from your thoughts on how he's been looking at you has made you uncomfortable, and that those feelings are right. I can only say that he did something terrible to you in my lifetime. I'm sorry but the only thing that I can't seem to remember is what he did to us."

You gave her an encouraging smile and said, "If I don't at least seem like I trust him, Bakura will never tell me anything. Plus there's the fact that your one of the Pharaoh's closest friends, and the fact that Yami would kick his butt if he ever did anything to you."

This made her smirk as she put the Millenium Scale on her belt and said, "He has always at least tried to protect me, and for that I am thankful to have him as my friend."

You rolled your eyes before walking upstairs to your room and changing into your pajamas before going to sleep, thinking, 'Why won't they just kiss already,' and smirking when you heard -------- saying, "I heard that thought, _____."


Bakura smirked as he saw you fall asleep before disappearing back to his 'home' before Ryou could notice. He himself went to sleep thinking, 'Oh ---------, why do you lie to ______? Was the pain of falling in love with me, then seeing me with another woman before my defeat too much for you? Or is it the fact that you are too confused by your feelings with the Pharaoh and myself now? Oh, how worried you were when you thought that the Pharaoh would find out, and yet even now that he knows, he still trusts you.'


You woke up and were so glad that you didn't have school today, but grumbled when you thought of the fact that you had to watch over Bakura again. You managed to get up and get dressed before heading out, --------- surprisingly joining you, saying that she didn't want you to have all of the burden. You both walked out and were surprised to see that both Bakura and Ryou had done the same, Bakura smirking evilly at ---------- before saying, "And I thought the Pharaoh told you to stay away from me. Looks like you're not following orders again, ---------."

You looked over to her, seeing that she had pulled up the hood of her jacket so that it was covering all of her face. What you didn't see was the look on her face that she showed her fear, but she very swiftly said, "I have no clue what you're talking about."

Bakura rolled his eyes at her before pushing Ryou over to her. She caught the startled teen before he swiftly turned on his heel and walked away, you catching up to him in no time and stopping him before saying, "What the Hell is your problem today? She actually showed you some compassion back in the day, and now you're treating her as if she isn't even human. ---------- has as much of a right to be here as you."

"You have no idea what you're talking about, seeing as she's managed to very easily find a way to keep from telling you the details," Bakura said before trying to get away from you, putting a hand on you but before he could even touch you, you had kicked him in the stomach.

"And you're not telling me anything either. You should know that I actually respect people enough to not ask them for every detail of their lives," you said before knocking him out. You had half of a mind to leave him there, but you lifted one of his arms around your neck while Ryou walked over to you and helped, -------- walking behind the two of you as you went inside the Game Shop, seeing a very surprised Yugi and an equalling shocked Pharaoh. You said, "You know he's heavier than he looks" before you and Ryou both let Bakura's unconscious body fall to the ground.

Yugo looked from you to Bakura before very slowly asking, "What happened, _____?"

"Let's just say he got the full force of my temper," you said before sending him a kick in a cheap shot, "I know you said not to let him bother me Yami, but I couldn't take it anymore."

Yami nodded before saying, "I'm just happy that you're all alright."

-------- smiled and said, "That makes two of us."


Thinking back to the day you beat the crap out of Bakura, you couldn't help feeling a tad bit guilty for doing it, okay was slowly eating away at you until you apologized. But on the bright side, he's been nicer to everyone, especially -------- and Yami. You were glad that everyone was finally getting along, and whenever you saw the white haired Thief King, you couldn't help that little jolt of excitement in your heart. It was one of those days when everybody except you and Bakura were busy with something, so you both hung out at his house. You all had come to see that there actually was a human with emotions in him, and out of everyone, it seemed that he was very protective of you, and trusted you the most. You laughed at Bakura yet again having trouble with today's technology. This time it was the microwave, and before he could destroy it, you simply pressed the buttons before having the food heat up, hearing him mutter, "Stupid 21st century technology."

You rolled your eyes before saying, "You'll get used to it. It just takes time."

He turned to you and smiled as he put his hands on either side of your head against the wall, you turning slightly red. He chuckled before saying, "And I thought ------- was naive back in the day."

"Excuse me for not bothering with dating when most guys from the 21st century are idiots," you said as he leaned closer, his face only a couple of inches away from yours. He chuckled again as he stayed there, you against the wall and having no way out, but feeling strangely fine with this. You both just stood there for awhile, trying to see who would break first. Both of you had at the same time as your lips crashed together at the same time. Bakura had already managed to sneak his tongue into your mouth while putting your legs around his waist, his arms then going around your waist as he kept you against the wall. Your arms had gone around his neck, trying to lift some of the burden off of him. You were completely breathless when he broke the kiss as he dmirked and said, "And I thought you'd be as stubborn as her."

"Shut up," you managed to say as he smirked and started carrying you to the couch, where he had started kissing up and down your neck, making you blush and moan before he brought his lips to yours again, you kissing back without hesitation. Neither of you noticed that --------- and Ryou had come in, but she simply smirked at you and whispered to Ryou, "Don't worry. If Bakura were to ever hurt _____, she'd kick his ass."
Thanks ~AnnaMayZee for the request, and sorry if the personality isn't right. I kinda had inspiration from this at 2 something in the morning.

You own yourself and everything else is owned by Kazuki Takahashi.
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fatgingercat Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

I got to kick Bakura^^

And he still loves me :)
Jeffwoods17 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 17, 2015
I think it was unnecessary to kick bakura,but I love the end :) (Smile)  awesome fic! :D (Big Grin) 
evildevilgirl5 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
This is wrong in season 0 Yami Bakura use computer for Moster World.He can work with technology -_-
But cool story I like it :)
ukiko90 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Student General Artist
It feels so weird replacing the space with even the shortened version of my name (yami) like woah whos who?
tigerus15 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
cartoonlovinggal Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is definately one of my favorites by you! Whenever I feel like I Ned to read a great fanfic, I come to your page :D Your stories are always funny and never get old <3 I hope I'll see more of your brilliance in the future too!
SorasGirl0123 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy my work so much.
sissynick Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
XD Best ending ever. The best thing about these stories of yours is I can always seeing myself doing the things my character is doing. The funniest thing about this is I've actually broke a guys arm before just because he crossed the line on my temper. 
SorasGirl0123 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you can relate so well to them. :D :D :D Wow, I don't know whether to be scared or impressed.
blazey-blazerod Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist
i loved this 
AnnaMayZee Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
GAH THANK YOU SO MUCH :iconnosebleedplz:
SorasGirl0123 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, it was really fun to write.
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