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January 18, 2013
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You were walking along Domino City when you had found Ryou and Yugi dealing with a bunch of bullies from school. You yelled out, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

The leader turned to you and said, "Like you little girl?"

You let out a growl at that and dodged two of his buddies' punches and then knocking them out. His other two buddies had knocked themselves out and you had pinned the leader to the wall, telling Yugi and Ryou to run as the goons started waking up. You knew that Yami and Bakura going on that school trip would mean something like this would happen which is why you were keeping an eye out for your friends, but right now they were staring at you, trying to help. You let out a string of words in Arabic while trying to keep yourself from being injured all the while leading the bullies away from your friends. You didn't hear the motorcycle coming down while you were protecting yourself and your friends until you saw the platinum blond knocking out the four goons while you knocked out the head of the group. You looked over to him and said, "Thanks, Mariku. I owe you one."

He turned to you and gruffly said, "Are you stupid? Five-on-one doesn't give you very good chances of survival, ______. You of all people should have known that."

You bit back the obscinities you were going to say to him, knowing that that is what he wants. Instead you looked over to Ryou and Yugi and gave them hugs saying, "People do stupid things for the people they care about."

They thanked you and Mariku before heading to the Game Shop and you smiled and waved until they were out of sight and looked over to Mariku, "Have you ever did something stupid to help out Marik? Odion? Ishizu?"

He sent you a glare and growled out, "I know not to do anything stupid because I actually think things through before I act."

"Well then what would you have done if you were me? Run for help? They might have been severely injured if not dead if I hadn't stepped in, and you know that," you said while starting to walk home. He had pinned you against a wall and said, "You have some nerve to say that, ______. Whatever is wrong in that head of yours is gonna get you killed."

"Oh really, because back in Battle City, you could never control my mind and you still can't. Remember Mariku? So whatever's wrong with my mind isn't all that bad," you said. You were never scared of him even if he could have controlled your mind. Something in your head would just cancel it out.

"There are other ways to force someone to do something. You know that," he said, to which you sent him another glare and shoved him off of you and stalked away before you lost your temper and punched him in the face.


Thinking back on that day, you laughed lightly before looking over to Mariku. He smirked back at you while Tea forced you to stand up and show everyone the dance routine you two had come up with when the song came on the radio. You both took a bow afterward while everybody clapped and cheerede for the wo of you. You smirked over to Mariku and he rolled his eyes while clapping. You smirked again until you were taken over to Bakura and joined in on the conversation.

-----Mariku's P.O.V.-----

Mariku couldn't help scowling when he saw you and Bakura. He knew the two of you had problems in the past, but that didn't mean that he didn't want to talk to you. He looked over to his lighter side who smirked at him and nodded over to you before standing up and walking over to Mariku and sitting down next to him saying, "So Mariku wants an actual relationship with ______. That would be interesting to say the least."

"Quiet you. I don't think you'd appreciate testing me at the moment," Mariku said while scowling at Bakura again until you turned around and smiled at him before turning back to Bakura. He immediately felt his lips tug up into a smirk before it went back to a scowl at Bakura. The albino saw this and smirked before telling you something, which made Mariku think, 'Oh shit.'

-----Your P.O.V.-----
Bakura looked over to Mariku before going back to you and saying, "It seems that the Tomb Keeper doesn't like you talking to me."

You immediately stopped yourself from saying what you were going to about his hair and studied his expression closely before deciding that he was telling the truth and said, "You know how . . . protective he is of me. Probably watching out for me in case you tried something."

'Like a brother would do for his sister,' you thought sadly before hearing Bakura chuckle at your answer. You sent him a scowl before walking over to the two Ishtars and sitting down, knowing what Bakura meant by that chuckle. You crossed your arms and laid your head on the armrest of the couch befor hearing both of them chuckle. You had closed your eyes so you only felt him lay your head on his chest saying, "Don't want your neck sore, do you?"

You opened your eyes and looked up at his face before saying, "Why not? It gives you something else to tease me about."

He chuckled again while you went to your original spot and said, "You're too stubborn for your own good."

"And you get jealous too easily," you said while curling into the couch, "We all have our little quirks. Some of us are just more willing to admit it."

"I think you've forgotten who you're talking to. I have admitted plenty of things about myself," he said while looking at you. You smiled despite part of you aching to lay on his chest again and closed your eyes, starting to think about when the two of you actually became friends.


You were not going to be beaten by that bully even if it killed you. He not only messed with Yugi and Ryou, but he beat the shit out of Joey and Tristan too. You'd gone over to him to nicely tell him to leave your friends alone, but when he saw you he sent you a punch in the face. Luckily you dodged in time and sent him a drop kick. 'Leave it to me to do something stupid,' you thought while dodging and blocking the guy until you started sending him punches that the bully could barely dodge and block until he grabbed your arm and rammed you into a locker. You kicked him in a cheap shot while leaning against the wall for support. The last thing you saw before you passed out was spiky, platinum blond hair.

You had woken up to see that you were in a hospital room and felt bandages onyour head. You saw everybody there and smiled slightly saying, "Leave it to me to do something stupid."

You were surprised when Mariku came and sat on your bed before giving you a hug saying in your ear, "Don't do something like that again. I know you're smarter than that."

You slowly hugged back while nodding and then he let you go. You realized that you felt cold without his warm touch but didn't do anything. There was an unspoken truce along with a promise of friendship in that moment that everyone in the room knew.


You opened your eyes to see that Mariku staring at you, that sly smirk on his face as he said, "You're talking in your sleep again."

It was then that you realized that he was carrying you. You looked at his face with a 'You've got to be kidding me' expression but he kept carrying you. You arrived at your doorstep and he set you down, smirking at you scowling at him. You said, "Okay what was with that?"

He rolled his eyes and moved closer saying, "You really don't know?"

You were against your door by that and looked him straight in the eye saying, "The big flirt you are makes it hard to tell if you're serious or not."

He leaned closer to you, pinning your arms against the wall and said, "What if I was being serious for once?"

You thought about it for a second before you kissed him right then and there, to which he hungrily took control of. It was filled with so much passion that you didn't know what to do except kiss back seeing as how you couldn't move your hands. Mariku broke the kiss and said, "This means that you're mine now."

You nodded and said, "Why else would I have done it?"

He smirked while going back to kissing you, wrapping your legs around his waist and putting his tongue into your mouth. You wrapped your amrs around his waist and was very glad that your parents were on a business trip as you opened the door, Mariku kicking it closed with his feet and then walking over to your couch, taking off your jacket.


You woke up to the sounds of someone breathing and you found yourself next to Mariku. You traced the outines of his chest and looked up at how peaceful he was when he was asleep, nothing like how he was when he was awake. You still couldn't belive that it had been two years since you hada finally gotten together. You smiled and  kissed his cheek before he woke up and turned so that he was on top of you and started kissing up and down your neck saying, "Do you know what today is?"

"Saturday," you moaned while feeling his teasing begin.

He chuckled and traveled up to your ear and said, "Happy Birthday, princess."

You growled at the princess comment making him chuckle again before he continued his teasing with you. You moaned lightly as he smirked again and then caught your lips in a kiss and then said, "I love you."

"I love you too," you said while tracing the outlines of his chest as he continued his teasing as well thinking, 'Best. Birthday. Ever.'
Thanks ~spazzgirl1 for the request and I hope you enjoy it.

You own yourself and everything else is owned by Kazuki Takahashi.
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I love this story so much. Love  I can't believe there is a Yami Marik story as he is one of my favorites and no one every does him so he never gets any love. You just made me so happy with this story. Heart You are awesome. Clap 
Yasmeeeen Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
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Whenever I'm bored I come bak to read your stories! Loved it soo much!! :heart:
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Oh, thanks. :D :D :D
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